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The difference between what we do and what we could able to do, it would change the whole world!


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Rain Nutrition

Rain Nutrition

Rain Nutrition is marketing liquid supplements, formulated using the powerful extracts found in the seeds of fruits and herbs. Rain Nutrition`s products have stronger, more concentrated levels of antioxidants. Through a cold press process, the essential nutrients inside the seed is extracted and the efficacy of those nutrients are preserved.

The management team is formed by founder Toby Norton (ex-agel), CEO Chad Christofferson, CFO Kyle J. Copeland, COO Bart Brockband, and EVP Sales Howard Hannemann.

Rain started shipping out products end of July 2009. It officially launched April 23, 2010. It is officially open in US, Canada, Singapore and Hungary. It will open in Indonesia and Malaysia in Mid to late November 2010. The company is close to 10,000 Distributors worldwide. Estimated annual revenue for 2010 $10 million.

We rate Rain Nutrition as an great opportunity if you like to be involved into the combination of healthy liquid supplements and a great Direct Selling business opportunity.

Rain has the corporate management and field distributor leadership on board to expand the opportunity into the world.

It is a top 20 opportunity based on vision, product line, compensation plan and leadership integrity.

Top Leaders and Earners are Diamond Elite Jimmy Ezzell, Platinum Executives Jason Kelley, Mindy Anderson, Lisa Kirkpatrick and Traci Reuter.

Gold Executives Debbie Reynolds, Haidee Zmerlikar, Timothy Chin, Ron Snyder and Chad Harwick.

Ex-Tahitian Noni Leaders Del Williams, Kevin Baadsgaard, Tom Thornton and Ex-Trivani Leader Lejon Sumling have all recently joined. Ex-Reliv Leaders Dr. Carolyn Walker & Philip Chieng, Ex-Vemma Leader Dr. Stan Gross and Ex-Arbonne Leader Alex Moleta have all joined.


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